To uphold a proper healthy body, it is very important to maintain healthy teeth. The teeth are an imperative part of the human body and so, if their health is ignored, it affects the whole body. The difference between a healthy mouth and a sickening one often comes down to general dentistry inspections. For this reason, dentistry is a vital part of modern healthcare. We believe that good oral care can inhibit any unsolicited major dental ailment and help maintain your natural teeth for generations. While good oral hygiene is vital, a regular check-up by a dentist in Gurgaon South City 1 can aid you overcome any trivial dental trepidations. As a multi-specialty dental care unit, Metropolitan Dental and Healthcare clinic offer a multiplicity of treatments like teeth whitening, sealants, home bleaching and preventive care for gums and teeth.

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Teeth Whitening

Glistening white teeth, which are as good as new teeth, can be attained through teeth whitening or bleaching treatments. Our dentists are competent to carry out the treatment in the easiest manner to give instantaneous whitening effect to your teeth. We offer home bleaching kits which can lighten your teeth shade within 2 weeks from the comfort of your home. We also offer clinical bleaching where we use high-end technology to create commendable smiles within minutes. Clinical bleaching quickens the teeth whitening procedure and can be used in combination with home bleaching. We have a wide rage of dental packages in Gurgaon to offer you better oral care.


Fluoride sealants are skillfully applied on your teeth during your preventive checkup. This treatment aids to revitalize your oral hygiene to provide superior defense against bacteria and tooth decay. At Metropolitan Dental and Healthcare Clinic we have various dental packages in Gurgaon to provides you amazing dental care.